Take the 4 Deals in 5 Days Challenge and go from Zero to Paid in 5 Days!

Lee Arnold Presents...

This is your chance to jump on the highly-interactive 4-Deal Challenge and experience the step-by-step process that has launched Lee's most successful clients into full-time and profitable REAL ESTATE INVESTING BUSINESSES (check out the success stories below)!

Grab Your Spot Today (Free)! November 8th - 12th

2021 Has Been Interesting...
...and you may be wondering if now is the right time to get involved in real estate...

You May Be Thinking...

"I'm afraid to invest in this market." You know what, you're not alone, but this is the best time to get involved. With the more timid investor jumping ship, it's ripe for you to move in and claim your territory! We'll show you how!

The "Money Spigot" has all but dried up. In some cases it has, but we'll show you how to do the "no-money down" deal and get buckets of rehab cash (if you need it)! We also have funding at your finger-tips and we'll show you the sweet-spot deals that attract cash even during a pandemic!

Deals are harder to find. In today's economy deals may seem harder to find, but we have secret strategies that uncover equity-rich gems hiding in plain sight.

I don't have the knowledge or tools to market for deals. Most people don't and that's actually good news for you because after the 4 Deals in 5 Days Challenge you will, and you'll automatically be head and shoulders above the competition!

Are people really buying houses right now? YES! In fact all four major components of real estate activity—demand, supply, pricing, and sales—are growing above the pre-COVID pace. People are buying and they're buying fast!

Which means you need to join us on the week of November 8th and learn how to be the rich supply for that growing demand.

What You'll Learn at the Free 4 Deals in 5 Days Challenge

You’re reading this because you’re ready to make some serious changes in your life. You're tired of sitting on the sidelines watching a hot market get even hotter. Even in this economy, it’s not uncommon to flip a house in a matter of 72 hours. If you’re not experiencing this kind of success, it may be that you don’t have the knowledge or the capital to do so. Lucky for you, the 4 Deals in 5 Days Challenge can supply both!
During the 5-day challenge, we give you access to our experience, money, ideas, and time! You'll learn:
  • How to Go From Zero to Paid in 5 Days in ANY City, ANY State, ANY Market Using this Exact Process!
  • ​Quickly find off-market deals in ANY MARKET
  • How to secure the No-Money Down Deal
  • How to Cherry-Pick the Lowest Hanging Fruits that No One Else Sees
  • ​How to write the quick and dirty offer that gets accepted on the spot
  • Secrets to Negotiating Like a Boss
  • ​How I Unearth Deals out of Thin Air!​

Just See the Results Our Clients Have Had With Us...

John Kwiatt's Results

John met the 4-deal challenge and on those 4 homes alone, he earned a profit of $144,000.

Using the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing,  John increased his real estate investments by 800% in 2018 going from 2 rehabs a year in 2017 to 18 in 2018. 

Sheila Wakeman's Results

Sheila met the 4-deal challenge!

Through the knowledge she received at the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing, she now gets paid several ways on the same deal: she collects broker fees, rehabbing fees, and realtor fees on the projects she takes on, not to mention the profits she receives once the deal sells. She has earned as much as $105,000 on a single investment. 

Lowel Yoder's Results

Lowel has met the 4-deal challenge! 

Since training with us, he has made hundreds of thousands of dollars in real estate using the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing. He remains an active and successful investor today.

Rebecca Lynn's Results

Rebecca met the 4-deal challenge! 

In the first year of her training with the Lee Arnold System, Rebecca earned roughly $15,000 on average for the homes she flipped. She flipped over 70 homes, earning herself more than $1 million annually. 

Dana and Terri Klaft's Results

In our interview, the Klafts expressed that they have flipped over 250 homes since 2010, which includes multi-unit properties. They also mentioned that the initial sizeable investment in having Lee as their one-on-one mentor has paid the Klafts back numerous times over with profits in the millions.

Bill Purifoy's Results

Since working with the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing, Bill states that he has more than 22 properties (11 that were bought and held), and that his property portfolio is valued at $2.5 million dollars. 
Be Our Next Success Story and Learn the Exact Steps to 4 Deals in 5 Days!
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